i² keep it real (berlinghoff79) wrote in broomsxhandles,
i² keep it real

Drabble Tree

You might have asked yourself 'broomsxhandles? Why broomsxhandles?'.

Well, there's this weird German custom that when a person turns 30 and is still not married they have to do some kinda embarrassing stuff... if they have a mean family and friends. And with kinda embarrassing stuff I mean male singles have to sweep the church/city hall steps, female polish door handles/knobs until they are kissed by their One True Love. Or a random stranger.

See? That's why broomsxhandles ;)

Let's do a drabble tree to celebrate the German weirdness lavvyan's birthday. Okay? And by us I mean you.

Rules: "I'll start the tree with a drabble sentence, and people will reply to that drabble sentence with their drabbles, and people will reply to those drabbles with their own, etc. creating branches.

You must use a word or a phrase or a sentence from the drabble you're branching from, but you are not required to create "sequels"; your drabble can be a completely different mood/style/pairing/etc.

Anyone is welcome to play. And there are no restrictions on content. You can play as many times as you like, but please post each drabble separately, even if they're in response to the same original drabble." stolen from storydivagirl

Btw, If you turn 40 and are still not married or at least engaged, you have to ride through the town on a donkey.
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